Wireless Network Discovery, Mapping and Traffic Analysis

Wireless Network Discovery, Mapping and Traffic Analysis - the "classical" wardriving tools for discovering wireless LANs, positioning them on the map, sniffing, logging and analyzing packets in the air.
AirFartLocal mirrorv 0.2.1
AirTrafLocal mirrorv 1.1
AphunterLocal mirrorv
APradarLocal mirrorv 0.52
BSD-airtools (dstumbler)Local mirrorv 0.2
Classic Stumbler (mac)Local mirrorv 1.7
GtkskanLocal mirrorv 0.2
HermesAP monitor patchLocal mirrorv
iStumbler (mac)Local mirrorv 96
KisMAC (mac)Local mirrorv R65
KismetLocal mirrorv 2005-08-R1
Kismet Log ViewerLocal mirrorv 0.9.7
Kismet parseLocal mirrorv 0.2
MacStumbler (mac)Local mirrorv 075b
MognetLocal mirrorv 1.16
PerlskanLocal mirrorv 0.1
PrismdumpLocal mirrorv 20001122
PrismstumblerLocal mirrorv 0.7.3
PrismsnortLocal mirrorv 2.0
SSIDsniffLocal mirrorv 0.42
THC-WardriveLocal mirrorv 2.3
WaveStumblerLocal mirrorv 1.2.0
WellenreiterLocal mirrorv 1.9
Wellenreiter for OPIEnot mirroredv 1.0RC2
Wi-FindLocal mirrorv 0.2.1
WifiScannerLocal mirrorv1.0.2
Wispy-ToolsLocal mirrorv 2006-01-R1
WistumblerLocal mirrorv
Wlan-scanLocal mirrorv 0.0.1
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