Wireless custom frame generation

Wireless custom frame generation - these allow layer two attacks on wireless LANs including a variety of man-in-the-middle attacks and unstoppable denial of service.
AirJack26Local mirrorv 0.1a
AirJackLocal mirrorv 0.6.6b
chopchopLocal mirrorv 0.1
DissassociateLocal mirrorv
FakeAPLocal mirrorv 0.3.2
FakeAP BSDLocal mirrorv 0.3.1
FataJackLocal mirrorv
File2AirLocal mirrorv 0.1
LibradiateLocal mirrorv 0.02
LibwlanLocal mirrorv 0.1
OmertaLocal mirrorv
WifitapLocal mirrorv 0.2.0
Void11Local mirrorv 0.2.0
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