Wireless-specific encryption cracking

Wireless-specific encryption cracking - tools for gaining access to protected wireless networks. At the moment include WEP crackers, WEP-encrypted traffic injectors and practical implementations of attacks against certain 802.1x types.
AirsnortLocal mirrorv 0.2.7e
AircrackLocal mirrorv 2.41
AsleapLocal mirrorv 1.4
BSD-airtools (dwepcrack)Local mirrorv 0.2
coWPArtyLocal mirrorv 2.0
LeapLocal mirrorv
anwrap (Leapcrack)Local mirrorv 0.1
LucentRegCryptoLocal mirrorv 0.3
THC-LEAPcrackerLocal mirrorv 0.1
weplabLocal mirrorv 0.1.5
WEP_ToolsLocal mirrorv
WepAttackLocal mirrorv 0.1.3
WepDecryptLocal mirrorv 0.7
WEPcrackLocal mirrorv 0.1.0
WEPWedgieLocal mirrorv 0.1.0
Wnet (reinj)Local mirrorv
WPA CrackerLocal mirrorv 0.1
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