The truth about Magnus Eriksson and NetBus

Script kiddies are always looking for new exploits which are unknown to the public, and hence particularly effective. Such exploits are leaked from research labs or given to script kiddies by insiders; they are then used to compromise a large number of hosts on the Internet. Script kiddies are often young, and can evolve into honest programmers later in life.

In 1999, NetBus (a software program for remotely controlling a Microsoft Windows computer system over a network as a backdoor.) was used by script kiddie to plant child pornography on the work computer of Magnus Eriksson, a law scholar at Lund University, Sweden. About 3,500 images were discovered by system administrators, and Eriksson was assumed to have downloaded them knowingly. Eriksson lost his research position at the faculty, and following the publication of his name fled the country and had to seek professional medical care to cope with the stress. He was acquitted from criminal charges in late 2004, as a court found that NetBus had been used to control his computer.
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