Technical Compliance Comparison

Aruba and Airespace

Aruba offers
Ultra-Thin APs + Centralized Control/Management system
It is WiFi standrad
Advanced RF management
Complete switching functionality
Support from 4 to 512 APs per controller; Suited for small/medium/large enterprise deployments
Self-contained, non-disruptive, overlay service solution
“Anywhere” deployment of low-cost APs
Dense deployments with dedicated sensors for monitoring and working for new RF technologies such 802.11n
Deep Security from Layers 1-7
AP-Switch device authentication; Configurable pre-shared key
Encrypted control channel between AP-switch?; Yes – 3DES or AES using standard VPN technology.
supporting encrypted data traffic between AP-switch; Layer 2 traffic remains encrypted till it reaches the switch

Airespace offers
Semi-Thin APs + Centralized Control/Management System
It is WiFi Standard
Advanced RF management
Basic switching
Support for 6 to 36 APs per switch; Suited for small and medium enterprise deployments
Self-contained solution ideally suited for WiFi edge network
Optimized for ceiling deployment of APs
Only future RF technologies such as 802.11n
Wi-Fi security from Layers 1-3
AP-Switch device authentication; pre-installed certificates with no revocation
Encrypted control channel between AP-switch?; yes – AES
Not supporting encrypted data traffic between AP-switch
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