AirMagnet Enterprise Analyzer for Aruba

The AirMagnet Enterprise Analyzer for Aruba is a software-only Wi-Fi troubleshooting and help-desk solution designed specifically for Aruba's Mobile Edge Architecture. The Enterprise Analyzer software works with existing Aruba controllers and access points to collect Wi-Fi data for expert analysis. AirMagnet's signature AirWISE engine automatically pinpoints more than 130 types of wireless factors that can impact network performance, then generates alarms with detailed explanations of events and advice on corrective actions. Network managers can also remotely troubleshoot wireless problems in real-time without having to travel on-site. The result is a much faster and cost-effective way to solve wireless issues while making the most efficient use of WLAN hardware resources.

Communicates with Existing Aruba Access Points
The AirMagnet Enterprise Analyzer enables Aruba Networks' customers to remotely troubleshoot devices and other sources of Wi-Fi performance issues from one central location without the need for any new hardware. AirMagnet's Enterprise Analyzer software performs wireless monitoring and troubleshooting by collecting data from Aruba's access points (APs), thus maximizing your infrastructure investment.

Provides Intelligent Scanning of all Channels
The AirMagnet analyzer can be used to troubleshoot the Aruba network using data feeds from the Aruba APs in both the standard AP Mode and AirMonitor Mode. In the AP mode, the analyzer receives a real-time data feed directly from the Aruba AP, which allows for complete monitoring and troubleshooting on a single Wi-Fi channel without interrupting any end-user sessions. The AirMonitor Mode gives the AirMagnet analyzer real-time control over individual access points, so you can perform complete interactive channel, throughput and device analysis.

Detects over 130 WLAN Performance Issues with AirWISE
The AirMagnet Enterprise Analyzer is equipped with AirWISE® engine, which identifies and explains over 130 WLAN issues including traffic problems, configuration conflicts, overloaded resources, QoS issues and much more. AirWISE® is your encyclopedia source for understanding the threats and performance issues at work in your Wi-Fi environment. All system alarms are explained for you in detail, including why they are important and what steps you should take to resolve issues. You can investigate any device or channel in detail, including utilization, throughput, CRC error rates, a complete frame level view of all traffic and more.
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