Bluetooth security tools

Here is the list of tools that commonly use in security auditing of bluetooth devices and networks.
As to the code, everything on our list is Open Source and is distributed under GPL, BSD or similar licenses. Close Source tools are not included on purpose, even though they may be mentioned in the book where appropriate. This work is not commercial, does not favour particular vendors, and has only became possible due to the work and collaboration within the Open Source community. We are profoundly grateful to the authors of the listed tools for the feats of wonder they performed to make "theoretical" wireless security practical.
Bluetooth Network Discovery and related tools  - the "classical" tools for discovering bluetooth networks and devices.
BloooverLocal mirrorv Unknown 
BlueAlertNot mirroredv Unknown 
BlueJackerLocal mirror  
BluePrintLocal mirrorv0.1-3 
BlueSnarferLocal mirrorv0.1  
BlueSpamLocal mirrorv Unknown 
BluetestLocal mirrorv Unknown  
BTclassLocal mirrorv 0.1 beta 
BT Device ViewerLocal mirrorv 0.19a 
BT Device ViewerNot Mirrored  
BTfsLocal mirrorv 0.0.3 
BT (JABWT) BrowserLocal mirrorv Unknown 
BT Location TrackerNot mirrored
v 015 
BT Phone book dumperLocal mirrorv0.3 
BtscannerLocal mirrorv2.1 
BT_AuditLocal mirrorv0.1.1 
CarWhispererLocal mirrorv0.2 
Gnome Bluetooth SubsystemNot mirrored
v 0.4.1 
GreenPlagueLocal mirror v2.2  
MobiluckNot mirrored  
NavizonNot mirrored  
PSM_ScanLocal mirror v0.3 
RedFangLocal mirrorv2.5 
T-bearLocal mirrorv1.5 
Bluetooth drivers and stack this section includes drivers for various bluetooth cards and bluetooth stacks.
BlueZnot mirrored   
Affixnot mirrored  
Broadcom Bluetooth drivernot mirrored  
OpenOBEXnot mirrored
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