RFID security tool

Here is the list of tools and papers that can be used to test the security of RFID technology.
RFID tools  - tools relating to RFID technology.
RFDumpLocal mirrorv1.3 
RfidtoolLocal mirror v0.01 
RFID security and related links this section contains links to the projects/papers relating to security and hacking of RFID devices.
Analysis of TI DTS RFIDThis site contains information on cracking RFID devices. Very interesting and educational
RFID FactfileIEEE published paper on RFID technology 
RFID PapersA collection of papers relating to RFID. Some of the papers  contain commercial and business perspectives.
RFID SecurityA paper on RFID security issues. Published by Prof Heiko Knospe and Prof Hartmut Pohl 
RFID CentreAn independent european RFID centre. Contains a lot of information on RFID technology 
RSA RFID linksA collection of security related links from RSA
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