Blogspot (Blogger) Versus WordPress : Which one you prefer ?

Blogger and WordPress currently are the two most popular world wide free blogging platforms. As we know,  Blogger (BlogSpot) is owned by Google while WordPress (WordPress) is still an open source project by group known as Automattic.

Blogger Review: 
Blogger is a free blogging platform service. Users have the preference to choose if they want to have the Blog hosted on their own domain (paid domain) or a free sub-domain provided by blogger. The free sub-domain depend on the availability of domain name. Base on my observation, most popular or strategic domain has been used or reserved since it has been operated guite a some time. Blogger platform is more suitable for a beginner especially for those who are new to blogging environment in the blogosphere. The graphical user interface of its control panel quite easier to use. The layout elements of the blog can be edited easily. Many free template donated by other blogger also easy to deploy. User also allowed to customize they blog layout. The advantage of using Blogger is, user can use default template of Google Adsense widget. In other perspective, BlogSpot also  serves the purpose for people who want to use blogs for commercial purpose.

WordPress Review:
As mentioned in the introduction, WordPress not own by any giant conglomerate. As agreed by many commercial bloggers, WordPress has limitations on its free service, even though they do allow users to use the Wordpress blog script to host on their own server. WordPress can be integrated with any free widget customization. For free WordPress account, users cannot run html adsense coding or any advertisement plug-in, unless you pay for that. In term of domain management, you also have to pay. The theme database of WordPress is much more better than what Blogger is offering to its users.

Blogger Vs WordPress
Base on my opinion, WordPress normally used by non-profitable or non-commercial blogger. Free blogging platform from WordPress does not allow users to add advertisement plug-in. Commercial blogger definately will choose Blogspot platform since it allow for advertisement plug-in running on top of its free account. In case you are self hosting then WordPress is more powerful than BlogSpot. The themplate resource offered by WordPress is huge. An advantage of BlogSpot would be that if you are getting lots of visitors on your blog then your BlogSpot Blog won’t get affected. In case of self hosted WordPress Blogs, the problem of downtimes is apparent. Lack of customs available for BlogSpot makes users move to WordPress. A problem with WordPress Blogs is that they get a lot of comment spam. Even new Blog could have a flood of comment spam on WordPress. BlogSpot Blogs are immune to comment spam.

So which one is your choice ? It is up to you to choose... both has pros and cons

For me, I prefer to use Blogspot platform and forwarded to my own domain (TechViewz.Org). 

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