Forgot your WEP Key ? you still can recover it back

Many wireless amateur set their local wireless router at home with a simple security by setting a WEP key. Even though this authentication method is not advisable for a secured environment... but it is a very simple deployment.

Normally, WEP key is set using a combination of 10 hexadecimal digit. Users normally save the key permanantly as a default setting. Combination of hexadecimal key is hard hard to remember. For instance try to remember this combination 1A4D5F9A01... it is hard right !

Let say you forgot your WEP key, how to recover it back ? You can retrieve your WEP without reset the wifi router. You can give a try to this free ware utility which is able to recover your wireless key from your system.

I don't know how many of you maintain a database of small utility but i always keep a database of small utilities because these utilities comes handy once in a while but at the time when you need them the most

you can download the WirelessKeyViewer from the below given link

Link: Download
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