How to Expand Google’s Universal Search

better-googleBack in 2007 Google rolled out a revolutionary feature -Universal Search - that blended listings in its search interface from general “plain” search and video, news, images, local and book search.

To explain it clearer, Google tries to guess what other type of information the surfer would also like see based on his or her search query. For example, for “Britney Spears” you’ll see images and videos blended within the search interface and for “downtown Los Angeles” you’ll get local search results (i.e.

The idea of pulling more data by one-click searching can be expanded. You do not have to limit yourself to the Google search engine only. This time I am listing a few cool FireFox addons that show you more relevant information based on your search query and provides you with more opportunities to browse through.

Add Multiple Search Engines to Google Search Interface

WebMynd offers to search a wealth of search platforms simultaneously with your Google search, by default: Twitter Search, Amazon, YouTube; but you can also add numerous other search options (e.g. Flickr, Wikipedia, Digg, LinkedIn, CNN, etc). The search results will appear right on Google’s results page in the right sidebar:


Additional great features of the page:

  • send Tweets directly from your search results asking your friends advice related to your search;
  • user-friendly interface: add/hide engines with one click, drag-and-drop ordering of pages.

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