Technical Comparison: iPhone 3GS vs. 3G vs Palm Pre

After the announcement of the iPhone 3GS of the hardware specs of the 3GS. Here we outlined the single chip CPU/GPU SoC as follows:
iPhone 3G (ARM11)
iPhone 3GS (ARM Cortex A8)
Manufacturing Process
Issue Width
Pipeline Depth
Clock Speed
L1 Cache Size
16KB I-Cache + 16KB D-Cache
32KB I-Cache + 32KB D-Cache
L2 Cache Size
The iPhone 3GS uses an ARM Cortex A8 processor running at 600MHz, much like the Palm Pre. Many weren’t confident that the 3GS used the new ARM A8 core instead of a higher clocked ARM11

Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3GS
Palm Pre
T-Mobile G1
16.3 s
7.8 s
8.2 s
17.2 s
17.7 s
6.3 s
7.8 s
17.8 s
35.2 s
14.7 s
11.2 s
24.4 s
33.3 s
15.0 s
18.0 s
34.0 s
34.3 s
15.0 s
22.1 s
40.0 s
24.1 s
9.6 s
9.0 s
20.5 s
21.4 s
16.4 s
13.8 s
26.0 s
26.0 s
10.0 s
20.9 s
46.0 s
31.7 s
13.5 s
19.6 s
37.7 s
iPhone 3GS Advantage over Palm Pre
iPhone 3GS Advantage over iPhone 3G
The new 3GS renders web pages 128% faster, on average, than the old iPhone 3G. The 45% clock speed boost alone isn’t enough to generate such a large performance increase, this is a new microarchitecture. Also, note that the 3GS’ performance mimics that of the Palm Pre - another Cortex A8 based phone.

Not too surprising given the just-released nature of the Pre’s webOS, the 3GS is actually able to render webpages slightly faster than the Pre in some cases. The overall performance advantage ends up being 22.6% in favor of the 3GS over the Pre.
Application launch time has also improved :
Application Launch Time in Seconds
Web Browser
Google Maps
Apple iPhone 3GS
0.7 s
0.7 s
2.7 s
2.8 s
0.8 s
Apple iPhone 3G
0.8 s
1.2 s
3.3 s
3.9 s
1.2 s
Palm Pre
3.0 s
1.5 s
8.6 s
4.4 s
3.3 s
T-Mobile G1
5.4 s
2.0 s
4.4 s
4.9 s
2.0 s
iPhone 3GS vs. 3G Performance Advantage
While the old iPhone 3G was no slouch, the 3GS is anywhere from 14 - 72% faster in basic application load times. It’s the magic of a brand new CPU architecture.

Source: ERM Blog
This is the gadget that I would recommed for IIUM wireless users to get connected through SSID iium-gadget. In addition, Blackberry also has almost similar performance with iPhone. You can feel the real performance of IIUM campus wide infrastructure. So far, Windows Mobile based phone still not recommended because it will drop the backward compatibility of default wifi 802.11g technology. Standard handphone running on wifi 802.11b and it will change the nearby channel to 11b instead of 11g. ITD will not tolerate to open the access for any gadget that able to down grade the nearby performance. If you own an iPhone or Blackberry, you are welcome to register for iium-gadget access.
For Symbion and Windows Mobile users, wait until new development. So far, even T-Mobile G1 performance, it take 5.4s to launch a web browser. Next time, before you purchase your handphone… carefully check the hadrware spec for clock speed, processor and cache size.
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