Lenovo being the first IONIZED with IDEAPAD S12

The super-cute Lenovo IdeaPad S12 just earned the title of most powerful 12″ Netbook. Thanks to its NVIDIA ION chipset, the IdeaPad S12 can play 1080p HD content at full speed on its 12″ display or an HDTV (via HDMI). That erases one of the main critic regularly thrown at Netbooks: they can’t play video right. Most importantly, it can run recent games like Call of Duty 4 or the Sims 3 (and DX10 titles) at interactive speeds while these games don’t work at all on traditional Netbook graphics like Intel’s 945G.

Lenovo used NVIDIA ION’s revolutionary design to create a thin, lightweight, low-power laptop with a 12-inch screen and improved application compatibility. The Lenovo IdeaPad S12 has the graphics horsepower to support high definition media and many PC games which will not run on most low-cost small PCs. NVIDIA ION enables these capabilities with the industry’s best graphics performance for low-power CPUs.

“NVIDIA ION is one of the latest technologies available for the PC industry for small, low cost laptop PCs, and we’re excited to be among the first to use it,” said Stephen DiFranco, vice president and general manager of consumer and commercial channels, Americas Group, Lenovo. “With its 12-inch display, full-size keyboard and rich multimedia options powered by ION, the IdeaPad S12 balances an improved computing experience along with the size and affordability many consumers are looking for today.”

“The Lenovo IdeaPad S12 with NVIDIA ION graphics is a game changer for the industry,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of the GPU business unit at NVIDIA. “It’s a powerful testament to what a small PC can do if it’s optimized with ION. The thin and affordable S12 does everything you expect a PC to do including watching movies, playing games, flipping through vacation pictures or editing family videos.”

NVIDIA ION graphics support:
All versions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
Outstanding HD video including 1080p and Blu-ray movies
Stunning HD video through an external monitor via HDMI
Popular games including Spore and Battlefield Heroes
DirectX 10 graphics with advanced digital display connectivity
Accelerated video enhancement and conversion using NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology
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