Wireless Alarm Systems

When you need an alarm system for your home or office the best one you can get is the wireless alarm system. These systems are becoming very popular all over the world because of the many advantages they offer. One advantage is that these wireless security systems are more advanced and reliable than the older systems were.
Having a wireless alarm system in your home is definitely the best way to protect your family and your home from possible break-ins. It doesn’t take a lot of time to install and they work on batteries.
So when you want the best protection, you definitely want to go with a wireless alarm system. Just remember to do some research and learn all you can about these systems before you decide which one to use. That way you will know that you are getting the best protection right from the start. If you are unsure about what wireless security system to get? Ask one of our knowledgeable employees for help.
Is a wireless home security system better than hard-wired systems? They both have their advantages and disadvantages. What it truly boils down to is your personal preference. But there are some distinguishing features between the two that can help you decipher.
If you are just building a house and want to have a legitimate security system, installing a hard-wired security system is perfect. The reason for this is because the structural frame is still exposed giving you an easy accessibility. It makes it much more difficult to install a hard-wired security system when you have to drill holes and knock out certain areas of the home.
There are benefits and downsides to having each of the two systems. But you have to realize that either system is better than nothing. It is up to you to decide whether you want a hard-wired security system or a wireless home security system.
AAA+ is a complete wireless system which is not only functions as a security system, but also monitors your premises by giving you alert notifications when the system is not armed. Voice/digital dialer calls 5 phone numbers or monitoring station for help. It can be controlled by dialing from any touch-tone phone, which makes it even more convenient and powerful.
*Requires Phone connection to operate properly. The AM-100A replaces the AM-100 & eliminates the audible (beep or voice announcement) alert when the sensor is activated in disarmed mode.
This AM-100A Model replaces our popular AM-100 Model, eliminating the audible alert when the sensor is activated in disarmed mode. The previous version provided a beep or voice announcement once the motion sensor was activated. The AAA+ wireless alarm system provides travelling homeowners with the ability to monitor their home via telephone or cell phone by simply calling the automated control panel and entering a password. Once dialed into the control panel, the homeowner is able to monitor the sensors placed on doors and windows and turn on/off a wireless device simply by the push of a button. When sensors detect an intrusion, the voice dialer connected to the control panel can be set to either call the homeowner immediately and/or dial a monitoring station.
Compact wireless alarm system features four functions: ALARM, ALERT, AUTOMATION AND +COMMUNICATOR.
The control panel will call the preprogrammed emergency phone numbers and the siren will sound when break-in occurs.
Gives you notification of the triggered sensor(s) by voice announcement, unique beeping and LED flashing.
Turns on/off household appliances and lights even when you are away from home.
Built-in emergency dialer for voice announcement and digital dialer.
  • Skylink Rolling Code Technology.
  • 5 programmable and supervised zones.
  • Works with up to 10 sensors, 5 control modules and 5 keychain remotes.
  • Master, Second and Duress PIN available.
  • 5 programmable telephone numbers.
  • Build-in auto dialer with digital dialer function and Ademco contact ID.
  • Fault line monitoring.
  • User can call in to check system status.
  • System announcement by human voice in English, French, Spanish and German (vary by models).
  • Powered by AC adapter and back up by 4 AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Desktop mounting.
  • FCC/IC approved. CE mark. ETL listed.
  • One year warranty.
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