Dell unveils Vostro 3000 series

Vostro 3700
Dell has unveiled its Vostro 3000 series notebooks, which sport the latest Intel Core processors, including the Core i7 quad-core processor on the high-end Vostro 3700 model.
The Vostro 3300, on the other hand, is a 13in notebook with an integrated optical drive.
And for those that cannot afford to be chained to their desks, the 14in Vostro 3400 offers up to eight hours of battery life with an optional nine-cell battery.

Vostro 3500
As for the Vostro 3500 and Vostro 3700, both offer high definition WLED screens while the 3700 offers the option of a 1GB nVidia GeForce discrete graphics card.
The Vostro 3000 series notebooks also sport durable hinges and are encased in aluminium for extra protection.
Other features include an integrated webcam and microphone, remote on-call support, wireless capabilities with a full range of connectivity options such as 802.11g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and WWAN (wireless wide area network) mobile broadband.
The pricing for the Vostro 3000 series notebooks start from RM2,379 (USD 799) onwards.
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