SHARP to come out with laptop alike ISO1

After Nokia claimed to have the most laptop features device, N900, Sony Experia try to beat them with their new Sony Xperia X10 with full 4-inch display and running under Android 1.6. The most interesting part is that The Xperia is running under snapdragon 1.0GHz processor, which is the fastest in the market so far ( so what!!!!! I already overclocked my N900 to 900 MHZ and running smmothly with multiple hardcore linux application, much more chilled)…However due to touch screen only capability, it still being considered as a smartphone.
A 5-inch IS01 handheld from Sharp running Android 1.6 on a Snapdragon processor and measuring 83 × 149 × 17.9mm and 227g might be considered as almost laptop alike PDA. While it looks like the classic Japanese eDictionary, the IS01 is meant to be used as a general purpose MID with a 5-row QWERTY, Sharp-built “New Mobile ASV” multi-touch capacitive display pushing a 960 x 480 pixel resolution and a 5.27 megapixel auto focus camera on back with a 0.43 megapixel jobbie up front for video calls. Rounding out the specs are 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, microSD slot, 1Seg mobile TV tuner, IrDA, 4GB of internal storage, and Qualcomm 3G CDMA data and where is GSM/CDMA voice ?????????????
Even if the device run even with 2.24 GHz processor but with slumpy OS , it is still a junk. Andorid is a beautiful OS but still a little part of Linux and not as a whole. Thats why I still refer to Maemo or even Meego (advanced with Qt UI).
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