Pocket size router from Aztech

The Aztech HW553 isn't quite pocketable but it's certainly portable. Weighing just 40grams, the device is a wireless portable router which turns a person into a mobile wireless hotspot.
The HW553 comes with support for most 3G/3.5G modems and supports the 802.11n wireless technology so it's always ready to go when you are.
The device doesn't actually come with a 3G modem as it has a USB port that accepts and has drivers for most of the common USB 3G/3.5G modems on the market. Aztech claims the device supports more than 80 types of 3G modems.
If you already have a wireless service provider with such a modem, it's usually a matter of plugging it in to the HW553 and it'll just work.
Apart from USB modems, the HW553 also accepts regular ADSL modems which use an Ethernet connection and has an additional USB port on the back that accepts portable hard disk drives or even a USB printer, allowing you to access those devices on your network.
The HW553 retails for RM249
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