Samsung PX2370: Review

The Samsung PX2370 monitor has a number of features that makes it great for gamers and movie enthusiasts.
SAMSUNG has been steadily updating its monitors with LED backlighting technology, and the PX2370 represents the high-end for these new models.
What makes the PX2370 different from the B-series model we reviewed a while back is that the PX2370 has a much wider colour gamut which covers 100% of the sRGB standard and boasts some other "Magic" features.
First off, the PX2370 is thin - I said this about the BX2450 which I reviewed before, but the PX2370 is thinner than that.
It also looks very classy. I liked the design even more than the BX2450, even though it shares some of the same design cues like the transparent bezel which frames the darker bezel on the inside.
I suppose I just like the minimalist look, and the PX2370 is extremely minimalist in design with only the power button visible on the front.
The back of the monitor continues this trend - there are four control buttons, a DVI port, a single HDMI port, a 3.5mm stereo output and, interestingly, an audio optical digital output which acts as a passthrough for digital surround audio that comes from the HDMI.
The equally classy-looking stand is a plastic and metal affair which unfortunately only allows for a slight tilt adjustment and nothing else.
In use
The PX2370 performed very well right out of the box as colours were very accurate and required almost no manual colour calibration.
Thinner: The PX2370 is extremely thin and light, thanks to the LED backlight technology.
The monitor is a TN (twisted nematic) panel, which means good horizontal viewing angles, but only so-so vertical viewing angles.
The screen tends to darken significantly as you view the screen at a higher or lower angle.
To counter this, Samsung has actually included a MagicAngle mode which adjusts the contrast and brightness so that the screen is more viewable from extreme vertical angles.
There are a number of settings for MagicAngle and I have to say it really works.
My monitor is usually placed at eye level when sitting on an office chair, but sometimes, I sit on the sofa which is much lower and a proper MagicAngle setting solved most of the darkening problems at this lower angle.
I also like the MagicLux feature which utilises an ambient light sensor on the monitor to adjust the brightness of the backlight to suit your environment.
The PX2370 has four adjustment buttons on the back which takes some getting used to, since you can't see the labels until you peek round the back.
However, the onscreen display does help by overlaying the menus roughly over the correct button at the back.
It does take some getting used to, but once you do, it's actually quite easy.
Also, one of the selection buttons can actually be customised to quickly launch a specific feature - I selected MagicAngle since I wanted the feature at my fingertips whenever I changed position.
The PX2370 monitor is very nice - I really liked the colour accuracy which is great for home photo editors (though it the TN panel isn't up to professional standards) and movie watchers.
The fast response times means that it works very well for games as well.
Definitely a thumbs up for the price.
Pros: Good colour accuracy; fast response times; classy-looking.
Cons: TN panel means some darkening of the image when viewing from extreme vertical angles.
LED LCD monitor
Display: 23in screen with LED backlight
Resolution: 1080p (1,920 x 1,080-pixels)
Response time: 2ms
Contrast ratio: 1,000:1 (actual)
Ports: HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm stereo audio output, optical output
Dimensions (W x D x H): 55.6 x 43 x 23cm
Weight: 4kg
Price: RM1,099
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