Aruba Networks offers the best solution for Video over WLAN

Last week I got a chance to test and review the implementation of Video over WLAN. The test gear is Aruba AP 125, medium range of Aruba Controller and Axis Web Cam. The main medium is over wireless LAN. The overall test is enhanced with Azalea Video Technology (AVT). The result is really superb ! The video run smoothly.

Video transmission over WLAN with AVT is really sharp and smooth. The test then been extended by using Sony CCTV. The remote zooming features from SONY works very well. The video quality has been improved by AVT and the reliable transmission over WLAN enhanced by QoS inside the Aruba technology. The merging of Aruba Networks and Azalea Technology promising a better quality for future deployment of video transmission over WLAN. It offers high reliability, flexibility and mobility. Future education infrastructure will be depending on video broadcasting and Aruba will be the best solution for it.
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