Edvance Software System (ESS) launches version 3.0

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. - The latest version of the Edvance School Management System features a new design, integrated gradebook and course planner modules, interactive seating plan, streamlined admissions, editing on the spot, and enhanced search capabilities. These new features help teachers save time and allow them to efficiently share information with administrators, students, and parents contributing to a more connected environment.

logo6.gif"With 3.0 we deliver a robust, relevant and easy to use software that allows teachers to focus primarily on their roles as mentors." said Michael Bush, Edvance President. "V3.0 is a noteworthy step forward for Edvance because not only does it bridge the gap between educators and technology, it also firmly supports our mission to advance the art of education."

Key enhancements of Edvance 3.0 include the following:

Integrated Functionality: Previously separated modules and their functionalities have been merged into centralized views thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the system and enhancing the user experience.

Editing on the Spot: Authorized users can update records by clicking on any editable area of their choice. A 'save' or 'cancel' icon will appear, as needed, in that location.

Improved Search: Users can find the profile of any student in the school by entering a part or all of the student's first or last name. Users can also search by class, level, or teacher.

Seating Plan: This new module allows teachers to see their students before the first day of classes. They can start outlining a seating plan by dragging and dropping student pictures into a virtual classroom.

Bar Code Technology: Administrators have the option of scanning a student's ID bar code to record lates and absences. Personalized 'admit-to-class' notes can also be printed automatically.

Real-time Updates: When entering marks, a teacher can view how a change to a particular grade will affect the entire class set thereby allowing for more efficient interactions and fewer clicks.

Modern Site Design: An entirely new look with a simple and beautiful layout allows users to quickly find content and view more information per page. Schools can continue to use their own logos, colors, fonts, and styles.

Edvance Investing in Cutting Edge Technologies

With the changing dynamics of information technology, creating adaptive learning communities through online interactions is now possible. Edvance's launch of School Management System 3.0 reflects an important commitment to invest in modern technologies to help advance the art of education. 'We believe the education sector can benefit immensely from advances in technology' said Michael Bush, Edvance President. 'The future of educational software should remain in the hands of educators, and we're going to keep working on new and innovative ways to give them this opportunity.'

About the Edvance Software System

Designed by educators for educators, Edvance builds web-based management software for schools. Administrators, teachers, students, and parents exchange information securely online. Users oversee the admissions process, build profiles, create workloads and schedules, plan courses, generate reports, and evaluate student competencies across various curriculums. Through Family Homepages, parents are informed about events via a message center and they can schedule parent-teacher interviews. Edvance offers a unique Developer License that enables schools to build custom solutions to meet their individual needs. For more information, visit www.edvancesoftware.com.

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