TrendMicro's Worry-Free Business Security 7

Computer security vendor TrendMicro believes the latest version of its Worry-Free Business Security software will keep customers from having sleepless nights over network security issues.
It said small and medium businesses (SMBs) often have limited resources to allocate for IT security, and have to face threats such as malware attacks and data leakages through portable secondary storage devices and e-mail.
TrendMicro's Worry-Free Business Security 7 is designed to tackle such problems, allowing SMBs to focus on running their businesses. The product comes in standard and advanced versions.
Among the new features is e-mail data-loss protection, which enables businesses to keep their sensitive information private by discovering, monitoring and preventing accidental or deliberate loss of data through their e-mail system.

The software can be configured to look out for certain keywords in an e-mail message and can prevent an employee from sending the message out, TrendMicro explained. However, this feature is only available in the advanced version of the product.
There is also a device control feature that can prevent accidental data leakage via a portable storage device, such as thumbdrives. TrendMicro's product can enable business owners to limit the number of employees who can use thumbdrives on office computers.
Unauthorised thumbdrives will not work unless the user has the proper authorisation.
It is claimed that Worry-Free Business Security 7 also stops network threats before they reach the business systems.
This is achieved with the help of TrendMicro's smart-protection network-infrastructure that scans, filters and correlates more than 3.2 terabytes of data and blocks about five billion threats a day.
Worry-Free Business Security 7 is available now and pricing varies according to seat count. The advanced version costs USD 58 per user for two to 25 seats per year. The standard version is USD 34 per user for two to 25 seats for the same period.
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