Dell Printer 1250c and 1350cnw reviewed

Dell has introduced two colour LED printers, the 1350cnw A4 and 1250c, which are smaller than laser printers but are still feature-packed and energy efficient.
Both printers, which have a footprint of only 394 x 300mm, have a print resolution of up to 600dpi.
LED printers are compact because they have less moving parts than laser printers.
Instead of a complex system of lenses, rotating mirrors and scanners used in laser printers, the 1350cnw and 1250c use an LED bar that pulse-flashes across an entire page to form a latent image.

The LED printers are also cheaper and simpler to manufacture than laser printers, according to Dell. The higher-end 1350cnw can be hooked up to a network using an Ethernet port or via WiFi.
It has a rated speed of 15ppm (pages per minute) for churning out monochrome documents and 12ppm for colour. The model also has 128MB of built-in memory, 150-sheet drawer and 10-sheet bypass drawer.
As for the 1250c, it has a rated print speed of 12ppm for monochrome documents and 10ppm for colour. It also has 64MB of built-in memory, a USB port and a 150-sheet input tray.
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