Robbery Attempt Using iPhone As Weapon

A man in England attempted robbery at a restaurant. In the action, he used the iPhone as a weapon. How come?

This guy named Jerome Taylor, he came to the restaurant located in New London, Connecticut, England and crept into the room of service.

Taylor then tried to frigthen the chef by saying he was carrying a weapon. But later, Taylor did not succeed to threat of the chef because then known that the weapon he was carrying turned out to iPhone. Knowing the bluff did not work,Taylor was shrinking. Moreover, the kitchen staff then grabbed a knife and prepared to fight back.

Taylor was thought to escape. But the funny thing is, before the robbers escaped this time he was able to tell the chef that he desperately needed money for his son.

Unfortunately for Taylor, the police finally caught him.The restaurant did not want to bring Taylor into the court after hearing his story. But police will still be sentenced on charges of robbery attempt.
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