iPad 2 dan iPhone 5 are expected to be released by Apple in 2011

It is undeniable,iPhone 4 and iPad are able to capture the attention of the gadget world in 2010. The popularity of these two Apple gadgets will likely continue, because there are still many gadget enthusiast predictable world that awaits both successor in 2011.

Yes, the two gadgets in question is iPad 2 and iPhone 5. Indeed, it is not the official name given by Apple. But at least, two names that are easy to remember this moment to describe the iPad and iPhone 4.

To iPad 2 or the latest generation of the iPad, rumors presence had been widely heard since some time. It is mentioned that this was a refinement of the iPad the first series, with a buried two cameras (front and back) as well as various improvements in terms of other features.

In addition, the iPad 2 also brings changes in design. Including iPhone 4 which will follow with the changes on its back into a flat. In addition there is little change in size, no longer by 9.7 inches.

There is also issues that if iPad 2 will support GSM and CDMA networks (either separately or together). Similar rumors have long come to the iPhone.

Related to iPhone 5, it seems the presence of the successor of the this Iphone 4 is still too far away. Rumors are circulating in cyberspace are still calm. But certainly, this gadget is so anticipated can be born in 2011.

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