iPad expected to face a real competition in 2011

The year of 2010 was expected to bring exciting fight on a tablet computer market. But the reality is not so, the dominance of Apple iPad was strong compare with another vendors, except maybe the Galaxy Tab.

A lot of promises from vendors to manufacture tablets are not realized. Beginning in 2010, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft was showing off tablets that saying would block the iPad. Time passed and until now, has not been a single tablet Microsoft marketed.

The fight had become less fun because arguably, the year of 2010 is the year of iPad. But in 2011, the gadget lovers can expect to have the real battle. The indication is clear, first-class row of tablets ready to flood the market.

“We could have finished this product last year and market it, but this tablet will not have the right features,” said Phil Osako, Toshiba’s director of product marketing. Toshiba tablet itself ready to announce it at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, United States.

Yes, CES 2011 will likely witness the flood of new tablet. Research In Motion, Hewlett Packard, Asus, Motorola until Microsoft predicted would reveal the tablet champion here. And chances are they will soon be marketed as a tablet market is now clear existence.

Quoted from NYTimes,industry analysts estimate that demand for these devices will soar. In the United States alone is predicted in 2011, a number of tablets sold 24 million units, far exceeding last year’s figure of 10.3 million.

Yes, Apple iPad in 2010 arguably has no meaning before the presence of rival Galaxy Tab in November. Until October 2010, 7.46 million iPad hit across the world. But the story could be different this year in which many heavyweight competitors popping up, jointly attacking the iPad. Can iPad survive?
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