Picture of Nintendo 3DS leaked on Internet

A picture that is claimed as a form of update to be released Nintendo 3DS February 2011 is posted over the Internet.

Photos taken from a forum game, show 3DS comes in black color display. Version as shown in the picture had actually been exhibited Nintendo years ago, when it first exhibited at the event 3DS E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2010.

At that time, Nintendo featuring shades of black bezel and blue bezel around bottom of the screen. However, as reported by Cnet, portable gaming devices that did not seem far differs from previous models ever shown to the media.

This image is claimed to come from one factory employee making the Nintendo gaming device. Video showing the device of this game was present at YouTube, but now it is no longer avalaibleon the video sharing site.

Nintendo has not confirmed that the device in the leaked picture really 3DS to be launched, the manufacturer of gaming devices from Japan was also not immediately available for comment.
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