Seagate unveiled its green technology hard disk : Barracuda Green

SO-CALLED "green" hard disk drives (HDDs) are normally associated with hard drives that sacrifice performance for their lower power consumption.

Not so with Seagate's new eco-friendly Barracuda Green 3.5in desktop HDDs. The drives actually feature the industry's highest spin speeds for eco-friendly drives at 5,900RPM, and utilises Seagate's SmartAlign technology that optimsises the use of the new 4K sector standard (that's 4,096-bytes-per-sector) for increased performance.

What makes the Barracuda Green drives eco-friendly, however, is that Seagate builds them to the highest environmental standards, and that the HDDs are more than 70% recyclable, as well as use low-halogen components for low environmental impact.

The series is available in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacities, and should be available in stores right now.
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