Quick review of 3M Pocket Projector: MP180

The newly launched MP180 pocket projector from 3M offers all the features of the earlier models but tops them with a touchscreen and wireless capabilities in the form of WiFi and Bluetooth.

According to the company, operating the palm-sized device is simply a matter of touching the right icons thanks to the 2.4in resistive-based colour touchscreen.

It ships with 4GB of built-in memory as well as a microSD card slot supporting up to 32GB cards. Users can also hook it up to a PC via the mini USB port to transfer files or do so wirelessly via Bluetooth.

With the WiFi switched on, users can also connect the MP180 to the Internet to upload or download files from their blogs, social networking websites or image repository sites.

Also once connected to the Web, users can surf to any website via the device's built-in web browser. A virtual keyboard is available but users can use a Bluetooth keyboard to make typing much easier.

Out of the box, the device is compatible with a wide range of today's popular video output gadgets like smartphones, laptops, camcorderes, cameras and game consoles. Bundled in the package are composite video, USB and VGA cables for the purpose.

3M will also make available an optional Apple cable soon to enable users to connect the projector to either an iPhone or iPad.

Specification-wise, the pocket projector is able to project an image at up to 80in. It offers a maximum resolution of 800 x 600-pixels with a brightness of up to 32 lumens.

Various files can be played directly, including DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT, PDF, BMP, JPG, MP4, MP3, H.264, NTSC, PAL, AMR and AAC. The sound quality has also been improved with more powerful 0.75-watt stereo speakers.

The device also features an audio output in case users want to connect a headphone or external speakers in.

The MP180 comes with a rechargeable battery, which is rated to last up to two hours on a single charge.
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