Nokia Drop allows wireless sharing

Nokia's user can now transfer URLs and photos from their computer to their mobile device without syncing their phone thanks to an experimental service called Nokia Drop.

"Nokia Drop allows you to ditch the Bluetooth dongle or the data cable and instead send links or photos from your computer browser with one click of the mouse and watch them magically and instantly appear on your Nokia device," explains Nokia.

The wireless file sharing solution comes in two parts: an application for your phone and a plug-in for your browser (Chrome and Firefox only for the moment).

Google offers a similar service for Android smartphones.

Introduced in mid 2010 for smartphones running Android 2.2, the Chrome to Phone extension "seamlessly pushes links, maps, and currently selected text and phone numbers to your Android device."

While Google's Chrome to Phone has been tried and tested for months, Nokia warns that its app is still in testing and "may change or disappear after the trial period."

Nokia Drop is currently available for free for Nokia N8-00, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, X6-00, 5228, 5230, 5235, 5530, C6-00, N97 and N97 mini phones.
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