Quick review of Nokia-Graphene Technology: Super-material of the future

Graphene is a super-material that Nokia believes will revolutionise gadgets and "change the world." Nokia explains, "Graphene is an allotrope of carbon and its 2D structure measures just one atom thick.
Nokia Morph in Phone Mode

While being thin, it's the strongest material ever tested, having a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel and is also the lightest material ever, best intrinsic conductor and super-flexible, too. It's predicted to replace silicon as the base for all electronics."

This thin, light, super-strong, flexible material may be the key to developing revolutionary devices, such as Nokia's "Morph," that up until now have only been envisioned as far-fetched concepts.

"We're not just talking about mobile phones here, we're talking about the technology in its vastness. Once the technology exists, your TV could - in theory - just be unrolled and pasted to your living room wall, like a roll of wallpaper," adds Nokia in a June 14 post on its Conversations blog.

While the possibilities for Graphene-based gadgets are mind-boggling there is still a lot of research to be done.

Nokia is teaming up with four Nobel laureates: Dr Andrea Gelm, Dr Konstantin Novoselov, Dr K. von Klitzing and Dr A. Fert to further the technology as part of the Graphene Flagship programme.

The Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Manchester, the University of Lancaster, the University of Cambridge, AMO Gmbh, the Catalan institute of Nanotechnology, the Italian research council, and the European Science foundation will also be involved in the programme.

Nokia Morph in Wrist Mode

The Graphene Flagship programme was launched on May 4 in Budapest with the goal of bringing "this most-promising material to the real-world." It is part of an ambitious science-driven, research initiative in the EU called the Future and Emerging Technology (FET) Flagships project. A video of Nokia's Morph concept can be seen here

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