Google Chrome edges its way up

In June 2011, Google's Chrome browser exceeded 20% of the worldwide browser market for the first time, closing in on rivals Internet Explorer and Firefox.

According to recent figures from Internet tracking service StatCounter, Chrome grew by 2.8% over the year to take 20.7% of the global market while Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) fell from 59% to 44% and Firefox dropped slightly from 30% to 28% during the same period.

"It is a superb achievement by Google to go from under 3% two years ago to over 20% today," commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter. "While Google has been highly effective in getting Chrome downloaded, the real test is actual browser usage which our stats measure."

IE is still king in a majority of regions around the globe while Firefox reigns in second place. Chrome, however, has made some notable gains in places such as South America, where it recently overtook Firefox to become the second most popular browser on the continent.

Chrome is now firmly cemented in second place in South America, reaching 29.7% of the market in June. Firefox and IE captured 24.6% and 44.1% of the South American market during the same period.

In Britain, Chrome is nearing equality with Firefox with 21.1% and 21.7% of the market respectively. IE still has a stronghold on Internet users in the region with a 46.4% market share.

Users in the United States are even more reluctant to switch from market leader IE to Chrome. Google's web browser is used by just 16% of Internet users while IE and Firefox command 46.5% and 24.7% of the market respectively.
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