Tips & Tricks: Top 5 Tips for Mobile Search via Google Voice Search

1. Ask the weatherman in your pocket: Ask what the weather will be like and get the answer spoken back to you. You can even ask in complete sentences: “Will it rain in KL  tomorrow?” or even “Do I need an umbrella today?”

2. Making cupcakes? If you’re cooking and need to convert measurements, you can just ask Google directly: “How many milliliters in a tablespoon?”

3. Eating out? Looking for fun? If you’re looking for suggestions on restaurants nearby, ask something like “What’s a good Thai restaurant nearby?” or “Where’s the nearest cinema?”.

4. Sports scores: Need to know how your favorite football player is doing at the Barclays Premier League? Simply say the name of the player, for example, “Wayne Rooney” and pull up info of all about him right at the top of all the blue links. Or the clubs, ‘Liverpool‘ for live scores.

5. Take me there: Whether you’re driving, walking, or taking public transportation, if you’re stuck for directions, simply ask Google how to get there. Try “how do I get to the airport by bus?” and it will take you to Maps and open up step-by-step direction.
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