Better than best

FUJIFILM’S FinePix X100 was regarded as one of the best digital cameras of 2011 and we have to say that we too liked it a lot.
Fast forward two years later and Fujifilm has taken into consideration the feedback given by users on how the X100 could be improved and they have delivered a worthy successor in the form of the new X100S.
There is more to the X100S than meets the eye as it has a long list of improvements that go beyond just looks.
That being said, the big ­question for X100 owners is whether the improvements justify getting the brand new X100S, or is it just a minor upgrade?
Same difference
The X100S is near ­identical to its predecessor in terms of design as it remains faithful to the retro look of olden day ­rangefinders with its brushed metal body paired with faux leather.
So similar is the shape and design that you can even use the X100’s accessories on it too.
The X100S could easily be ­mistaken for a mirrorless ­interchangeable lens camera but it has a fixed 23mm f/2.0 lens.
While the design of the camera harkens back to the days of classic film cameras, the X100S has plenty of modern features to please hardcore camera enthusiasts. For instance, it has a flash hotshoe for accepting external flashes as well as HDMI ­output and USB inputs.
The X100S also carries over Fujifilm’s unique hybrid viewfinder that allows users to use either the optical or electronic viewfinder to frame their shots.
Just like the X100, the optical ­viewfinder overlays useful camera information like shutter speed, ­aperture, exposure and ISO on the glass, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the viewfinder to check.
This comes in handy especially when you are taking pictures on a very bright sunny day and can’t see the rear 2.8in LCD screen clearly.
Plus, you can switch over to the electronic display at the flick of a switch.
In terms of control, the camera handles very much the same as the previous version. So if you have handled a X100 in the past you will immediately be familiar with the X100S.
However, one gripe we have with the controls is the loose exposure compensation dial. It doesn’t stay at zero so sometimes we would shoot over or underexposed shots without realising it.
In terms of battery life, the X100S offers roughly 300 shots per charge. Fortunately the battery is ­interchangeable and you can easily swap with a second battery to extend shooting time.
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