Good fit, good sound

These in-ear headphones are made to be hardy, tangle-free and have a good range.
Jabra is well-known for high-quality Bluetooth headsets and speakers but recently the company has been making inroads into the high-quality cabled ­headphone business.
Case in point is this, the Jabra Vox, a cabled pair of in-ear phones that are made to sound and look good.
Interestingly, with the Vox, Jabra has tried to improve sound by attacking the issue from both a hardware perspective as well as from the software side to give you a good all-round experience.
For a pair of earphones, the Jabra Vox is typical of a high-end model — apart from the earphones ­themselves, there is a water-resistant pouch and silicone earplugs of different sizes to fit different ears.
Also included in the box is a code for the Jabra Soundsoftware, which uses Dolby Digital Plus sound processing specially matched to the Vox to give you better, more rounded sound.
To use the software, you just have to download it from either the Google Play store or the iOS App Store and enter in the code to unlock the full app.
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