In Malaysia, we have both wired and and wireless broadband internet connectivity. We might used it in our daily life, but some of us might not know which technology of broadband he/she is using. Following is the list of all the broadband internet technology used in Malaysia:

DSL - currently used by TMnet Streamyx
FTTx - known as HSBB, it will be upcoming broadband technology which using fiber optic. Currently used by sentrelFon, penangFon, TimeDotCom, Maxis, TM.
Wimax - currently used by packet one(P1), YTLcomms, AMAX, REDtone
HSPA - known as 3.5G, currently used by MAXIS, Celcom, DiGi, UMobile
LTE - known as next generation of hspa by 3gpp, theoretically can up to 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload.
iBurst - currently used by izzi
Both wired and wireless broadband have their pros and cons, for user who prefer fast speed, stable connectivity and low latency must opt for wired broadband, for user who want mobility then opt for wireless broadband.

Of course you cannot compare directly between wired and wireless broadband. Wireless is transferring data over the air which will have interference, but this will not happen for wired broadband. Anyway, I believe the trend in moving into wireless. Just like our home-line, everybody is changing into mobile phone nowadays.
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