Skype adding WiFi, 3G video-calling to iPhone app

SAN FRANCISCO: A new version of the free iPhone app for Skype SA will let users make and receive video calls. Users of the Internet calling and messaging service will be able to use both WiFi and 3G cellular networks. FaceTime software, which comes with iPhones, works only with WiFi.

The app, which is being released through Apple Inc's App Store, will let iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users make free video calls to other Skype users who are using the app or have access to the feature using Skype on their computer or other videophone.

Those with the latest iPod touch will be able to make video calls over WiFi. The app allows the iPad and previous-generation iPod touch to receive video calls, too, Skype said.

Skype's software offers free services such as voice or video calls to other Skype users. Users pay to do things such as make calls from a PC to a landline or cellphone.

This is not the first third-party app for the iPhone to allow free video calling over a cellular network. Apps such as Fring and Tango offer the capability as well, although neither has as many users as Skype. - AP
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