Tukul Elektronik: Menarik tak ?

Jacques Carelman, a member of the College of ‘Pataphysics, certainly thought so, creating it for his Catalogue of Impossible Objects.

Oh yes, and Homer Simpson also “invented” it in the episode The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace. And it was Homer that one Gadget Master, Patrick Priebe, was emulating with his hand-crafted electric hammer.

Ben Coxworth, of Gizmag, describes the aluminium tool, which is powered by a 18.5-volt, 3,000-mAh lithium-polymer battery:
Depressing its wooden trigger activates an electromagnetic coil, which quickly draws in a cylindrical steel core. That core is attached to the bottom of a fiberglass rod, which shoots upwards as the core goes through the coil. Via a linkage, that rod subsequently thrusts the hammer’s hinged head down and forward in an arc. Once the trigger is released, a spring pulls the rod/core back down again.

Tonton Video Ini:

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