Are you ready for the 328GB smartphone?

Your mobile could soon have more storage space than your laptop. That's because SanDisk has just unveiled the world's biggest microSD card – it packs a whopping 200GB! That alone is bigger than some laptops. Add in a smartphone with 128GB, and you've got a mammoth 328GB to play with.

Its full name is the 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, Premium Edition. Phew.

Despite its huge storage size, it's no bigger than a regular microSD card. Which is a good job, as otherwise it wouldn't fit in the slot.

Last year, SanDisk broke the record with a 128GB microSD card.

Not only does this mean mobiles edge ahead of most other portable devices, it also means we're leaving the current age of storage. We've been hovering around the 64GB mark for years, but now smartphones are packing upwards of 100GB, and the storage media is catching up, we could see our phones become our primary place to store all our stuff. Exciting times.
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